A growing team aiming for excellence APRIL 03, 2017

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In 2017 iSolutions celebrates its 18th anniversary with a team of professionals who are constantly growing and are focussed on excellence: from 1999, with the first group consisting of three programmers, to today, with over 50 employees, commitment, reliability and competence have made it possible to achieve important results in the development of online gaming applications and software.

Thanks to the creation in 2000 of the first version of iSBets - the bookmaker software that has made the company famous around the world - and the release of the next versions in 2005 and 2008, iSolutions has made a name for itself in a key market that nowadays includes over 20 countries worldwide.

Achieving these goals was only possible because of the company's own resources and their common technical and, above all, ethical values: a shared and responsible vision of the company mission in which team spirit, determination and passion undoubtedly represent the real pride of the team.

Today the technical working group - developers, system engineers, data managers - has produced an exponential growth that is expected to increase further in the next few years, and that will be met with new and ambitious goals.

On the one hand, the growth will represent a strong incentive to guarantee high standards of quality and security for clients choosing iSolutions services. We are a Gold Partner of Microsoft, a prestigious recognition that, in addition to being a further guarantee of quality, will ensure support and constant development of skills: an important investment to be applied to existing technological solutions.

On the other hand, innovation and flexibility are the key incentive for the whole team: undoubtedly the company's main ambition remains that of providing excellent ideas and products to clients who choose iSolutions services, while constantly improving their effectiveness and quality standards.