AidIndia: child sponsorships and development for India NOVEMBER 2, 2017

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For years iSolutions has been supporting the projects and initiatives of AIDIndia - Association for Indian Development- through child sponsorships. Founded in the United States by Ravi Kuchimanchi in 1991, AID began raising funds for rural Indian rural areas and villages, reaching the end of the second millennium (after about 10 years of activism) with over 100 ongoing projects in the main Indian states.

Today AidIndia deals with agriculture, education, human rights, health, and the environment, both as a partner in government projects and directly, reaching remote and tribal communities through the commitment of volunteers and supporters.

S. Peter Ray is one of the latter, and together with a group of volunteers he has developed an educational project for little girls and teenage girls, which is partly supported by the generosity of all the individuals who from far away take care of and sponsor one of girls. The girls that iSolutions has been helping for several years are called Deebika and Navanthini. Like them, many little girls and boys can live a dignified life and get an education thanks to the AIDIndia projects.

“Yes you can…” is the motto of the AID volunteers. Yes we can, is the answer of those who give their time and resources to promote equitable and sustainable growth in India.

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