Interview with Laura Raquel Arana in Apuesta Colombia AUGUST 30, 2018

  • GRAF 2018: iSolutions on the front line

iSolutions has reaped the first rewards in America Latina, after approaching this market for the first time by participating in the 5th Cumbre Iberoamericana del Juego in Colombia (May 2018).

During the summit, the speech given by iSolutions Technical Account Manager Laura Raquel Arana during the round table discussion on best practices in fighting illegality generated great interest and attracted the attention of the commercial director of “Apuesta Colombia”, a magazine specialising in online gaming and betting.

The June 2018 No.13 issue of Apuesta Colombia includes the interview with Laura Raquel Arana, who describes iSolutions’s perspective and illustrates the actions undertaken by the company to fight illegal gaming, as well as the solutions implemented to promote collaboration with public supervisory bodies.

Read the full article in Apuesta Colombia - page 72-73