Communicating with customers: training for PM JUNE 20, 2017

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iSolutions is starting an in-house training programme for the entire project management area, in order to provide managers with the most adequate and up-to-date tools for communicating with customers.

Nowadays, the role of a Project Manager is becoming one of the key roles in a company and one that is ever more specialized and sought after. Situated in the top part of the organization pyramid, Project Managers report directly to the company's top management; they plan, guide and control the development of projects for the production of goods and services, and liaise with the main stakeholders.

In project-oriented companies, Project Managers are fully responsible for the project and they are the main contact for customers. Their role is crucial; that is why it is strategic for companies who want to remain competitive and increase the value of their services, to train professionals who can handle any kind of scenario.

The six-month course will involve ten people who currently cover this corporate function, and will be held by trainers with years of experience in training management staff. iSolutions are making a substantial investment in this direction, based on the belief that human capital is their most precious asset.