Editorial on EGaming Review JANUARY 17, 2017

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iSolutions' technology, software performance and innovation are the subjects of the editorial by Mauro Munzi and Massimo Anelli, published in the December issue of EGaming Review.

Munzi and Anelli (respectively Database Administrator and Platform Consultant and Business Development Consultant at iSolutions) outline how iSBets – a proprietary sportsbook software that very effectively combines flexibility and solidity – was conceived and developed in an absolutely unique way: by collecting, analyzing and then monitoring a vast amount of data taken from real transactions.

Today, the performances supported by the software are massive: iSBets can handle an average of 11,000 bets per minute during peak hours, and approximately 500.000 odds online during pre-matches (for over 500 events). The editorial provides a complete presentation of the performance data of the software on which iSolutions developers and consultants are working every day.

The final objective of the company is to guarantee to their customers:

- monitoring of potential sources of software slowdown, so that they may be corrected before they generate problems;

- 24/7 assistance;

- attention to each customer's specific growth needs;

- competitiveness and innovation thanks to the partnership with Microsoft and to priority access to the latest software technology developed by the multinational (iSolutions is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner).

“Going the extra mile”: for iSolutions, each day is an opportunity to go beyond the goals they have already achieved and offer ever more surprising performances through constant innovation.