Quality Policy

iSolutions has defined its Company Vision through its Management:

"Your ideas are our goals."

iSolutions pursues the diffusion of its software solutions with determination by means of an ethical profit and the participation of its Team, which is ever more motivated and participant in the Success of the business. Our aptitude for listening constantly puts us at the Service of our Clients. For the protection of our Core and our Clients we provide the most advanced technologies in compliance with the Legislation of the Countries in which we operate, the transparency of information and the guarantee and reliability of such information in an increasingly extensive field of certifications.

The Company Policy identifies the goals to achieve and the commitments to undertake to ensure the compliance with the requests and expectations of the Clients and all the interested parties through continuous attention to the products provided and service improvement as well as the internal business processes; it furthermore provides for the satisfaction of the requirements and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Company System.

The general objectives are summarized below:

  • to maintain an ethical vision of the business
  • to share ideas and principles with collaborators so that it is possible to grow a responsible, collaborative and motivated team to produce distributed wealth.
  • Management commitment to use the QMS as a business organization model in relation to the integrated system ISO 9001: 2015 and Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8 June 2001, to introduce mandatory requirements within voluntary regulations.
    to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the data managed by the company, especially data referring to people, in compliance with the GDPR.
  • to promote the use of the process approach based on risk management.
  • to achieve the highest level of product quality in terms of performance and reliability in the price / performance ratio.
  • to obtain a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness in all business activities through an organization aimed at specific company objectives.
  • to improve the ratio between costs, prices and performance in order to achieve an ever-greater degree of Customer satisfaction.
  • to consolidate the market position achieved and plan its progressive development in compliance with the requirements.
  • to maintain and improve a Quality Management System compliant with the family of ISO 9000 Standards, aimed at satisfying the expectations of all interested parties, including the Owners and the community of the territory.

The commitments undertaken to achieve these objectives:

  • a company Organization Chart that explicitly provides for a "Quality Management" role with the job of assisting the Management in maintaining and improving the System.
  • to systematically promote staff training, particularly in matters relating to quality, privacy and confidentiality, technology available on the market, relational aspects towards the Client and in generally the external panorama.
    to implement an Organization, Management and Control Model as per Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8 June 2001 by informing and training all company functions.
  • to appoint an autonomous and independent Supervisory Body pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, with the responsibility of control, prevention, adequacy evaluation and verification of the effectiveness of the 231 Model adopted.
  • to create a robust method of writing Software that reasonably allows, according to the state of our knowledge and technologies used, prevention of code errors that could affect the final Quality of the product and the Client satisfaction.
  • to make available to all departments, including the QMS, the means and resources necessary to carry out the assigned tasks, in compliance with the financial statements of the company and the Market.
  • to appoint a Consulting Company to support the Company in the process of implementation and continuous improvement of the Company Quality System.
  • to pay constant attention to the technological innovation of products in full compliance with the provisions of the law on safety and environmental protection.
  • to periodically verify the progressive approach to company objectives and governance criteria, promoting the participation of all personnel and soliciting their suggestions aimed at a progressive profitability of the Company System itself.
  • to gather indicators and monitoring objectives from the feedback in the field of assistance aimed at continuous improvement both towards the Client and in relation to the profitability of the product.
  • to promote SW programs developed internally with the possibility of customization according to the specific requirements of the Client.
  • to promote and monitor constant staff training.
  • to identify and address the risks and opportunities that may affect the compliance of products and services and business continuity.