Agile O’Day 2023

26 mayo, 2023
  • Agile O’Day 2023

iSolutions participated in the sixth edition of the Agile O’Day event, held on May 19, 2023 in Naples, Italy, to share its experience regarding Agile methodology and its applications in organizational management, technology use, and product approach.

Simone, iSolutions product manager, and Marco, the company's CTO, participated in the event by presenting success stories and strategies adopted by iSolutions to apply agility to daily operations. The implementation of the Agile methodology within the different company departments, not only those dedicated to development, allowed iSolutions to achieve specific goals more quickly, ensuring their continuous monitoring, thus making it possible to optimize processes and apply appropriate corrections that allows the company to apply the Agile methodology across the board.

iSolutions' participation in Agile O'Day 2023 demonstrates the company's commitment to continuous improvement of organizational performance and the search for increasingly innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers.