Listening: key for improvement 03 marzo, 2022

  • Listening: key for improvement

Keeping the provided services and the developed products competitive in the industry in which a company operate, whatever it is, is one of the foundations of a solid and constantly growing business.

iSolutions has decided to invest in an often underestimated quality: listening to its customers and to the prospects with whom it interfaces to during the sales phase.

The tracking of reported needs and emerging trends, is translated into a constantly updated ranking of the most attractive features for the various markets.

How is that possible? iSolutions converts every request for a new implementation and every discussion regarding a functionality to be integrated, into a direct upvote on the ranking shared among all company departments.

This weighted list then becomes an integral part of the developments selection and planning phase, and turns in one of the drives of the product's evolution.

iSolutions takes advantage of the constant and productive communication, with its customers portfolio and with the whole Gaming Industry, to constantly improve its software solutions.

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