CODEMOTION - HR MEETS DEV, 27 OCT 22 17 octubre, 2022


After the first HR Meets Dev, organized by codemotion on May 5, 2022 in Milan, the appointment is set for October 27.

In this new appointment, Marco Rossi, CTO of iSolutions, will participate as a panelist at the event, bringing to the attention of the participants the ideas and initiatives cultivated in iSolutions related to the attraction and recruitment of tech profiles, but also and above all of their growth, management and involvement within the company.

For companies engaged in digital transformation and interested in hiring new digital profiles, in fact, the challenge is twofold: intercepting the few professionals open to new job opportunities and finding them through traditional channels. The event will give participants the opportunity to listen to the experience of the panelists involved, receiving interesting insights to outline useful strategies for hiring IT professionals, key figures in the digitization of companies. In addition to iSolutions, exponents from other important companies on the Italian scene will be present: Generali, SYS-DAT Group and Vodafone.

Find out more from the event page: HR MEETS DEV registration is free and open to all!