PLENARY MEETING 2020…. FAR BUT CLOSE! 15 mayo, 2020


"If you want to hurry, run alone, if you want to reach ambitious goals, go with your team".

This sentence is the perfect mirror to describe the spirit that moves our Company.

As every year, even in times of Covid-19, the plenary company meeting took place with great success, this time remotely, and with the participation of over 60 people!

The company first wanted to thank all the Work Teams for the commitment and great adaptability demonstrated in the past two months in which the Covid-19 has changed the working method from one day to the next.

Once again all the objectives have been achieved, the company has grown in terms of people and results; this was possible thanks to the great team spirit which has always been a great peculiarity of iSolutions and which once again proved to be the winning card for achieving great results!