"iSRetreat": Santa Margherita Ligure 2021 15 noviembre, 2021

The covid 19 emergency has dramatically changed the approach to work; like many other companies also iSolutions has opted for smart working rather than traditional office work.
The desire to team up and cooperate to create new solutions and ideas has inspired the iSolutions team to organize the first "iSRetreat", still a week of remote work, but as a group and in complete safety. The event took place in late August in Santa Margherita Ligure where some members of the iSolutions team were able to work together, with the added bonus of a beautiful sea view.
The week allowed the team to share that human connection which video conferences unfortunately cannot satisfy, cultivating personal relationships, stimulating teamwork, productivity and continuously sharing knowledge and skills.

This experience has highlighted how iSolutions is always ready to welcome new challenges and ideas and put them in place on a daily basis to create an ever more dynamic reality that promotes teamwork.