“OUR” SMART WORKING 27 marzo, 2020


In this hard historical moment, the smart working is also become a way to be joined into the distance and to able to pass some moments of conviviality. The proof is the iSolutions cocktail which allows to several teams to pass one hour together.

Smart working is already extensively tested by iSolutions, which for years has been offering his services to its foreign customers through this system; we are a reference for many customers who, from South Africa to United Kingdom, passing through Italy, are overcoming the emrgency by adopting the same working method.

The guaranteed of our and their business continuity, through the smart working, remains connected to the quality of people and workers, which are organized in close-knit teams which carry on their own services, aware that, after sanitary emergency, we will have to fight with an economic emergency that we have to prevent as much as possible.

Our heartfelt gratitude go to all the people who, in this difficult period, work to guarantee primary services, to all people invloved in the National Healt System: doctors, nursers, volunteers, hyienic and healt workers and those who allow suppiles of basic necessities: cashiers, transorters, bakers... a special thanks and a hug to all of them.