LET’S CLIMB THE TOP OF HOPE! 03 abril, 2020


The non-profit association Climbeer Celebration has launched a fundraising in favor of the Italian Red Cross, committee of Medesano, in order to procure all the preventive health material necessary to operate in this hard period.

iSolutions wanted to do its part in this solidarity competition, joining with a donation as many other entrepreneurs and ordinary people in the area have done.
iSolutions wanted in this way to celebrate its strong relationship to the territory, to the values of this area, set at work, on the creativity of grat artists such as Giuseppe verdi and to leading companies such as Ferrai, Barilla and many others.

A heartfelt thanks goes to all the soldiers and volunteers of the italian Red Cross, who we hear every day intervening in the area with sirensto hel our fellow citizens: together we will win!

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