iSolutions at the Festival of Technical Culture NOVEMBER 26, 2018

  • iSolutions at the Festival of Technical Culture

The first edition of the Festival of Technical Culture ( has been held in Parma, an event that was launched five years in Bologna to promote technical and scientific culture as a tool for growth and renewal and that today has been joined by other 8 editions in the region.
The event is aimed at students, families, businesses and institutions; the objective of the festival initiatives is to enrich school, training and professional paths in the technical and scientific fields.

In October 2018 the “Carlo Emilia Gadda” Technical Institute of Fornovo di Taro (Parma) hosted one day of the event, with the participation of computer science students, professionals and even of families evaluating the institute’s training courses for their children’s possible profession.
The main topic of the day was School/Work Experience, with a special focus on the ways in which close collaboration between training Institutes and companies can help the students to implement real projects and give them the opportunity to have their first experience in the world of work.
In this context, iSolutions participated in the Festival thanks to the training project on the development with Visual Studio and Microsoft technologies, organized in collaboration with the “Gadda” Institute. This training course, which we have been offering every year since 2015, aims to give students the basic concepts of a development environment not usually dealt with by the regular IT curriculum in schools, but which is much used in the professional world.
As teacher and organizer of the course, Alberto Dallagiacoma (iSolutions software architect) introduced the structure of the course, the topics it discusses and - what is most important for a company - the way in which this course makes it possible to assess new graduates for possible employment opportunities.