Sports Betting Africa 2016: Gold Sponsor DECEMBER 11, 2015

  • 4) iSolutions pride: a matter of team play

iSolutions awaits a warm welcome in Kenya and Ghana next year. As Gold Sponsorship recipients, the company will be attending international summits in Nairobi 16-18 May and Accra 18-20 July 2016. The objective at both Sports Betting Africa exhibitions is for iSolutions to maintain its major role in the debate on Africa’s vigorous emerging markets, where it is already recognised as a key player.

iSBets, the company’s core software, already endorsed in Nigeria, South Africa and throughout Europe, was also just awarded the Certificate of Suitability by the Gauteng Gambling Board of Johannesburg in September.

All eyes now on the summits in Africa and the exciting market developments set to unfold there in 2016.