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iStrategy is without a doubt the most advanced and complete software to organize and view all data collected over years of sustained bookmaking activity. iStrategy’s personalized dashboards allow managers to make fully informed and secure decisions.
With the support of iStrategy, it has become possible to combine numbers and information from many different areas of business, displaying extensive time periods and large quantities of records within a short processing time. The synthetic analysis of the past opens the doors to every bookmaker’s next business success.

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Manage big data, quickly and synthetically

Information which is not available at the right time, it is no longer useful. Whenever a manager needs to collect data and to organize them into customized reports, iStrategy has the computational speed to provide them. iStrategy is the powerful tool which allows bookmakers to quickly study years of activity, highlight the behaviour of groups and individuals, segment and analyse bets made within a given period. Clear charts, graphs and diagrams give the right support when it comes to make comparisons between different sectors and evaluate the advantages of opening more branches.

Data import and pre-aggregation for every sportsbook software

iStrategy is designed to convert BIG DATA into usable information by allowing the aggregation of database records.. The iStrategy engine and algorithms are able to import and convert data, reading from virtually any betting database. They put billions of records inside pre-aggregated tables, to access wide time frames in a matter of seconds

Drag and drop: everything is fast and easy

Just a few seconds to compare the most complex data: iStrategy allows managers to quickly drag and drop dimensions and measures to create customized dashboards suitable to control the most diverse situations and to evaluate the user's business in a very personal way. This is the great power of iStrategy: knowing how to usefully bend a large amount of data to be shown and be managed from a unique manager.

Main Features


Main advantages of iStrategy:

  • view information from different angles or levels in seconds
  • create your own reports without the intervention of the development team
  • drill down charts with simple hyperlinks without having to jump from one page to another
  • split your data into different time ranges
  • retrieve years of history with no wait times
  • does not affect OLTP database performance, due to data warehousing and pre-aggregation

Simplifying complexity

The new iStrategy Business Intelligence reporting tool definitively solves all problems related to data presentation, offering multifaceted data analysis in response to business queries, as the bookmaker accumulates increasingly large data volumes of increasing complexity.

Create your own reports

Our software makes building new reports easy. Users drag and drop components to create new reports, they can build reports using tabular data in pivot tables, visually-compelling charts and graphs, business process diagrams, web pages, or Reporting Services® reports, allowing them to choose the best way to present the information.
In addition to building custom reports, users can also add conditional formatting for the highest impact. In-table visualization features bring the reports to life. Colorful highlights, stoplights, and data bars can be added alongside the values in each report cell for quick, visual analysis.

Multiple metrics

Each page is made up of either one or many components, giving the user the flexibility to display multiple metrics. Each component is based on data from cube-based dimensions, measures, named sets, and key performance indicators, as well as the underlying data from the relational database.

Get answers from pre-aggregation

iStrategy does not affect OLTP database, due to data warehousing and pre-aggregation. iStrategy is designed to convert Big Data into usable information by allowing the aggregation of database records. This process allows you to immediately answer difficult questions like "What was my profit in the last 5 years?" or "What were the most popular markets and leagues last year?"


The ultimate reporting solution

No doubt iStrategy gives the weapon to definitively solve problems related to reporting. It offers multifaceted data analysis to answer business queries as the bookmakers accumulate increasingly large data volumes of increasing complexity. Find answers while working with the tool even if you don’t know what characteristics may be important to the question.


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