iSBets The most solid flexibility in sportsbook software.

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iSBets is the ultimate Sports Betting Platform: it lets the bookmaker manage all the business within the same back office. Liability, performance, automation, centralization are iSBets’ features whom every bookmaker can count on. Above all, customization is the key point of our software: iSBets combines a rock solid architecture with a extraordinary flexibility to swiftly and deeply adapt to every manager, no matter what his or her market, business style, methods or procedures are.
The full set of features of iSBets delivers an unlimited, multichannel, automated pre-match and in-game offering, full control of liability in realtime, online and retail customer management, and centralized reporting tool.

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Automation: a complete set of features

iSBets' full set of features help each bookmaker managing his business. A strong reliability and a rock solid architecture offer the basis for a high level of automation.

Integration: an all-in-one platform

iSBets is the ultimate integrated Sports Betting Platform: bookmakers now need just one back office to manage all the business.

Customization: Tailored Solutions

iSBets is a fully customizable software that opens the door to tailored solutions: every time a unique business weapon.

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iSBets Markets Management

Automated Pre Match Markets

iSBetsWe are fully aware that inserting event data and odds when a new week begins can be laborious. We have seen with our own eyes the work that our clients’ operators do daily. With them, we created automation instruments to publish an entire league with thousands of odds, literally in one click. Our markets management module can import XML data supplied by valued partners like Betradar, to create an entire events program in less than a second. Our highly technological back-office forms permits users to import odds and markets from historical libraries or to insert proper mathematical formulas. This way, starting from a few base odds, it will be a pleasure to see that the entire offer will be automatically populated and updated, and, above all, in accordance to the business style of every single bookmaker.

Limitless Live Betting

iSBetsEach operator managing Live Matches can take advantage of a dedicated form. In this form everything has been designed to be used during the fast paced events of the Game. Automatism and Math Formulas let you create and modify odds with one click and insert all the relevant information for the game easily. A live front-end application will show the players odds and scoreboards, changing in real time. The application is fully customizable and features astonishing special effects, UI shortcuts, Odds statistics, Event Scoreboard and more….Using our advanced XML readers, it is possible to fully automate the live betting management using your preferred content provider. Just publish your live schedule and all will be managed by the application algorithms.

Make the Right Move

iSBetsWe studied and worked in close contact with our customers to create a management risk instrument that could offer, at the same time, automation and discretion to the operators. Every bet placed by the final customer is analyzed and fragmented “on stream” by high-performance algorithms that checks whether a determined stake is over the pre-set limits. These limits are set for a specific customer, group of customers, event, championship, sport or market type. An operator just need to determine the customers’ risk profile and let the system control their bets. Warnings or automatic blocks alert the operators who can accept, reject or reformulate the offer for a particular bet which our algorithms consider dangerous.

iSBets Web Site Content

Website Content

iSBetsEach decision can be taken with the maximum awareness, thanks to numerous reports that offer full visibility on bets in real time placed by a particular player, a group of players or placed on specific matches and leagues. The analysis of bet flow is kept under control thanks to new reports allowing the bookmaker to:

  • know which the worst bets combinations are
  • simulate settlements
  • evaluate the bookmaker’s liability on a determined group of events
  • know the most played markets
  • analyze in real time the result of settlements during the day
  • analyze on stream every placed bet

This is possible thanks to the scaled advanced technologies used for our software that allow requests on live data in real time. These instruments’ great efficiency is proved by the success which our customers have obtained in terms of profit percentage and by operators’ satisfaction; in fact, they can easily control risk management also in the weekend’s most stressful moments.

Customizable Front End

Content Management System

iSBetsHow important is it for a bookmaker to have a website rich in contents, promotions, offers, banners, news? And how important is it to update these contents very fast, without the involvement of a developer? We learned how these systems could make the difference between a successful Bookmaker and a secondary one. For this reason iSBets offers natively a CMS system rich in features. Your editorial staff will be able to:

  • Publish news and associate them to the most important matches’ odds; everything could be improved with Rich Text formatting thanks to the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Publish scheduled advertisement banners at the beginning of the week, planning the entire web site marketing campaign on Monday.
  • Change all text on the website and manage different languages with no limitations.
  • Update images.
  • Create new pages to produce corporate mini-website or create legal and regulation sections.
  • Add new menus and HTML-links to bring the user to particular sections or to external Websites.

All without any calls to the developer team and, above all, completing actions in an efficient and effective manner.

White Labeling

iSBetsiSbets can turn itself into a service provider .
If your purpose is to diversify your own offer using different brands or to offer management services to your partners, our software permits you to launch multichannel front ends, that can be completely different in terms of layout, market type, odds and business characteristics, all this from the same installation.
iSBets was designed to contain multiples bookmakers in the same database, which could use centralized or divided management, according to the relative permissions. The platform allows cascade events programs, varying odds’ over round at each level. In this way, it is possible to work with various geographical areas with different offers according to the final customers’ habits.
With iSBets, in short, you can wear different dresses, in colors and in style. It can adapt to every geographical area, to each market need or to every partner.

iSBets Centralized Back Office

All-in-One, Centralized platform

One Website, Limitless Products Offer

iSBetsA betting website cannot be considered complete without offering gamblers a great variety of casino, poker and virtual game products. This software is completely different from sport betting software, but just as necessary to a bookmaker’s success. In the last years, we’ve integrated a very high number of products, reaching excellence in the data-transfer reliability and in money transactions security. Give your customers a unique gambling experience, offering just one website through which access is offered to the entire range of products: casino, poker, live casino, virtual games, etc...

Moreover, our cashier tool permits to interface with various payment processors, granting maximum security, speed and agility in withdrawal management and in money deposits. Control tools permit also avoiding scams, gamblers’ abuses and possible illegal transfers. In fact, each transaction is controlled through different security levels and redundant verifications, just like regular banks do. This way, every transaction is completely safe and archived to guarantee the final customer forever.

One Back Office, Complete Reporting

We’re committed to create comfortable tools. Don’t waste time accessing different reporting applications to check the whole gambling activity of your customers. Just type your username and password into our centralized reporting tool and you can have a complete and clear understanding of your business. Software services running under the hood take care to import data from different third parties, giving us the possibility to create casino, poker etc. reports inside iSBets. This gives a great advantage in time and convenience.

Powerful Customer Retention Tools

Completely Customizable CRM

iSBetsNo matter how many betters your business have: our CRM system allows you to easily understand every single gambler’s habit to stimulate or make him happy with the right and aimed actions. We want the marketing manager to feels free to use his or her creativity. For this reason, our CRM system is very flexible and lets you assign bonuses or send specific communications, relying on logics stored on every costumers’ database information.
Some advantages:

  • Create new types of bonuses according to your needs without waiting months of development
  • Deposit triggered bonus on different accounts, divided by type of game.
  • Set custom rules to control bonus withdrawal.
  • Send specific email and messages to your users automatically and using HTML templates.
  • Study your customers and bonus campaigns in order to improve your marketing strategies

Affiliates management

One of the richest software for Betting Shops, Networks, Affiliates management

iSBetsThe betting shop and affiliates management tool is one of the most developed and complete iSBets modules. It allows users to create commercial networks based on infinite levels and parameterized commissions’ calculation in every possible way. Moreover we completed this powerful software with very clear reports, available to every member of the hierarchy. This is why, without a doubt, it is among the richest and most sophisticated features on the market

Mobile Application

The fully featured Mobile Application

iSBetsThe percentage of bets on mobile devices is growing day by day. This is why our application is not only a subset of features contained in the desktop site. Our cross-platform Mobile Website is a fully featured, complete tool. It enables the users to have a rewarding mobile browsing experience and total efficiency, even far away from his or her pc.

Performance and Solid Architecture


Scalability: a warrantee of limit less growth

The software is designed and developed to be constantly improved thanks to scalability of the various modules, which go to cover the different Bookmakers’ activity areas, and the “Agile” development procedures. Moreover the scalable architecture allows a limitless growth of the business, through parallelized business logic and database access and layered virtual caching.

Reliability: solid foundations

In more than ten years of constant systems monitoring, day by day performance tests and peak time impact analysis, our software could be considered the most advanced and solid expression of Sportsbook platforms.

Dependability: a Sure Bet

Our engineers will guarantee crash safe systems and will keep the software up and running as your business grows, even exponentially. You can bet on this!

Performance: more and more concurrent players

Achieve top level transaction ratio and accept more and more bets. iSBets is constantly improving its performance, taking advantage of the latest technologies as they become available on the market and always refining application optimisations, thanks to our research team.

Reporting Back Office

We know what bookmaker need to make decisions.

iSBetsWe have created systems that give the maximum visibility on all the incoming bets with full details and we can ensure quick shortcuts to collect all data for each user or affiliates. So managers could easily achieve their statistics and market analysis thanks to clear, centralized and deep reports.

A series of Advanced Tools allows users to manage liability and risks all in one window, with automated controls of dangerous bets.
Affiliates and users have access to both clarity and complete visibility about all the transactions on their accounts

The tasks of the affiliates, always under control.
A complete system to assign commissions to affiliates and automated periodical earnings deposit, all based on a customizable engine that can be fully operated by the bookmaker. Automated internal procedures allows for the creation, the managing and the execution of payments for agents and users. A list of commissions can be planned by iSolutions following the directions of each bookmaker. After the system has done its payments a list of every operation is saved for a check-up.

The reports are detailed and customizable.
Detailed reports can be fully customised in Windows Application and in a dedicated WebSite.Every affiliate can obtain reports on every level of his network of sub-affiliates and their network of users. Tables of users for each gaming area (Sport, Casino, Poker...) can be seen with their placed bets.

Integration with local gaming authorities.

iSBetsWorking in the regulated markets we have full experience in integrating with government authorities’ services. It is essential for us to safeguard the respect of the legislation in the various countries in which our clients work by developing the software components fully in line with the legal requirements.

Certifications Full Commitment to Quality and Rules

In the last years, the ISBets has been awarded numerous certifications by prestigious institutions around the world, such as in Malta, in Italy, in South Africa and in other European Countries. The software platform update required hard work, but also offered the possibility to refine all the instruments for regulated gambling, which were already an excellence in our system. We consider it crucial that a betting website offers adequate features in accordance with the international legislation to permit the bookmaker to avoid abuse and protect users, but also to strengthen our business sector.

Everyone in our team carries out their work, bearing in mind our Company’s Values: excellent service, integrity and irreproachable behavior, which are reflected in the obligations with our customers. These certifications, the ISO 9001:2015 and the recent software review by our partner BetRadar, are an excellent way to face the market, proving: premium quality of the service we offer and the absolute conformity, reliability and correctness of iSBets management procedures. The road we have taken has allowed us to focus on the company’s original vision, rather than on technology issues.

We want to provide a simple and secure service, which follows the regulations, where both the gambler and the back-office operator can focus only on the tasks they want to achieve, letting the system manage complicated procedures. We keep our passion high for sports, games and technology, trying to communicate the same passion to our customers, who in turn pass it on to their users, producing a profitable relationship with the public.

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