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iSLotto is the complete solution to manage fancy lotto bets on real lotteries extractions around the world. A multi-channel point of sale (Web and Retail) to widen the offer of the Licensed Bookmakers with new and fair types of bets. The automated market management and the risk control assure both balanced profits for the bookmaker and lots of fun for their players.


Fully compatible with isBets

iSLotto was developed to be fully compatible with iSBets. This feature give an edge to bookmakers, who can better develop their business working with a software which is always up to date on the next extractions in the countries covered by the system.
Everything with a solution that works with the same solid architecture and the same flexibility of iSBets. Once again, our knowledge of the markets and of the needs of the operators has made the difference.

Pleasant to look at, easy to use

The graphics of iSLotto is not only pleasant to look at but easy, to use. Bookmakers and manager can handily plan new games, which are a complement to those normally available through local lotteries, nevertheless they are are even more fun than those normally available on the market. iSLotto adds to classic game many types of bets that make it more enjoyable and more exciting the waiting for the next draw.

A multi-channel point of sale

Whether bookmakers work online or prefer to sell in an offline store, iSLotto provides to them the same powerful tool in order to quickly respond to the players, providing security in data processing and ability to handle a high gaming traffic.


1 x 2

Possibilities of betting on a single extract of a wheel, trying to identify of it the membership group (1 = number from 1 to 30; x = number from 31 to 60; 2 = number from 61 to 90). It is possible to bet extracts on more wheels.

Hi/Lo war

Prognostication is required if the first extracted number is superior o minor of the last one (excluded bonus number).

Odd/Even Total

Prognostication is required if the total amount of the extracts is even or odd.


Prognostication is required if more low numbers (1 - 45) or high (46 - 90) come extracted.


Prognostication is required if the extracted numbers' amount is greater or lower regarding to the parameter 227.5.

Odd/Even row

Prognostication is required if all the extracted numbers are even or odd.

Odd/Even duel

Prognostication is required if more even numbers or odd (included bonus number)come extracted.

Crazy Lotto

You need to prognosticate the NON extracted numbers (bonus number excluded).


Prognostication is required if the extracted numbers' amount between 2 wheels in the lists. It is also possible to bet on break-even and to bet on more than one competition. If it considers that the extracted numbers' amount on the first wheel is superior to the extracted numbers' amount on the second one it bets on the first one, on the contrary on the second one, if you think that the 2 amounts are same it bets on the x.


Similarly to Classic and Crazy Lotto, is given the possibility to bet on the single possible combination for simple extracted, double, three-fold, four-fold e five-fold.


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