Information and Career Guidance: iSolutions among studentsJanuary 17, 2015

  • InFormAzione: orientamento a Fornovo (pr)

iSolutions è is a company that is particularly interested in youth and mindful of their future. This is why it participated in the day of meetings between companies and secondary-school students that took place in Fornovo di Taro (Parma), on Saturday, 17 January 2015.

The day was started off by Dr Perdicaro of the Employment Centre of Parma with a brief talk about the potential of compulsory education, followed by reports about internships and projects set up in a partnership between students and companies.

The core of the day, however, was the face-to-face meeting between the future professional men and women and the local production companies (among which was iSolutions) and the workshop entitled: "School, company and local area: together for new development opportunities".