iSolutions donates eight multimedia boards to a primary school JUNE 18, 2018

  • iSolutions donates eight multimedia boards to a primary school

Digital, technology, software applications: these are no longer difficult concepts reserved to computer professionals and large companies, but areas that the new generations can master quickly and easily.

Schools are scrambling to adapt to this important change, first of all by expanding the range of learning instruments offered to students. An increasing number of institutes are installing interactive whiteboards, known as IWBs, introduced in Italy by the Ministry for Education in 2006.

iSolutions, who has always been close to the world of schools and universities, recently made a donation to a local primary school, in Medesano (Parma) for the purchase of 8 interactive whiteboards. A generous and very important act that will support the efforts of the school at a time when resources are being continuously cut. Heartfelt thanks were presented publicly to Andrea Robuschi and Filippo Ceci, iSolutions CEOs, by the school principal Paola Bernazzoli and deputy principal Paola Scaramuzza, who received the donation together with a group of students representing the whole institute.