20 years of iSolutions, between innovation and quality MAY 16, 2019

  • 4) 20 years of iSolutions

iSolutions blows out its first 20 candles!

It seems very long this 20-year journey, begun in 1999 by the passion for computer technology of the founders, which led the company to be a solid and important reality in its field.

20 years spent trying to put the utmost professionalism, competence and determination, so to provide our customers with innovative and customized software and solutions.

20 years of quality, during which we have always applied with the maximum commitment, since day 1, the procedures necessary for ISO 9001 certification.

20 years of teamwork, in a team that has been able to grow not just in numbers, but also qualitatively and humanly, always trying to improve, but never forgetting the values with which we started.

20 years of results, such as partnerships with realities such as Microsoft or databases capable of supporting over 80,000 batch sql requests per second: all these achievements have enabled a local reality like ours to make itself and its product known internationally, as demonstrated by our customers in more than 20 countries around the world.

In short, 20 years of hard work, great efforts and great satisfactions, for which we thank all the people who work and have worked with us, as well as all the realities that have chosen us and have given us their trust.

And now what? Now we continue to work with the same values, the same determination and the same desire to innovate and produce concrete results, to continue to offer services to our important customers, who, thanks to our support, have been able to achieve their objectives of excellence. Because these 20 years are just the beginning.