Fast Track: new CRM option for iSBets 05th May, 2022

  • Fast Track: new CRM option for iSBets

Integrating an external provider or developing internally: the eternal dilemma of high-tech software houses.

After a careful analysis, iSolutions has decided, for the CRM part, to integrate one of the internationally recognized top providers. The goal identified and achieved was, in fact, to expand the offer in order to offer customers increasingly complete solutions, while maintaining internal resources focused on the company's core business.

In this case, through the integration of Fast Track, iSolutions wanted to add a very high quality CRM to its proprietary sports platform iSBets. The main features of the provider are in fact the high level of automation and the ease of monitoring the conversion rates of the activities performed on the user base. Detailed reporting, a dashboard dedicated to the life cycle of retention campaigns and segmentation updated in real time complete the set of product features.

Looking at the market trends and evaluating the positive response of operators to this type of solution, it is reasonable to expect that the integration of Fast Track will be only the first of a long series.