iSolutions 1st Hackathon JULY 19, 2019

  • iSolutions 1st Hackathon

On Friday 19 July 2019, the first corporate "Hackathon by iSolutions", a recreational-professional activity which follows the theme of a prize orientated competition for employees and staff, was held.
In this first event the goal of creating automated business projects has been chosen, thus driving contenders into distinguish themselves for originality, functionality and execution.

A healthy competitive spirit and the high stakes on offer for the winners triggered many positive creative mechanisms in the participants.
Approaching, involving, motivating and engaging the whole group, this contest has created a new way of teaming up, making the whole iSolutions Company participate in projects aimed at the common good and the improvement of shared everyday life.

Marco Rossi, our CTO commented, "We are happy to have given birth to such a successful initiative and competitive activity, we were also able to create a bond which made the team more solid and compact."
"We are now able to say that this is only the beginning, because our teams have proven to be eclectic, intuitive and imaginative professionals, but at the same time responsible and shrewd, able to face challenges with great determination.

Thanks to everyone and to the next Hackathon! Stay Tuned!