UNIVERSITY OF PARMA JOB DAY 2022 19th October, 2022


Always in the forefront when it comes to young people, local area and investing in the future, iSolutions will once again this year be attending the University of Parma Job Day, on October 26th and 27th. On these days, University students will be able to meet the great local companies, learn about the main corporate roles, enquire about job openings and of course leave their CVs to apply for a position.

The University of Parma Job Day is not the only initiative for young people in which iSolutions regularly participates, but it is undoubtedly the most significant one because it is aimed at young men and women who are about to enter the world of employment and because it introduces them to major businesses that are local by birth, but international in scale.

iSolutions’ focus on the young people of Parma and their entry into the job market reflects their deep care for the local area, a value that is part of the DNA of the company based in Noceto; at the same time, it is a commitment to promoting local excellence and an investment in the future, to make tomorrow's professionals grow in the best possible way.