Italian companies remain reliable and operational! 04th March, 2020

  • Italian companies remain reliable and operational!

iSolutions, at its headquarters in Noceto (Parma), is as always in full operation and “business a usual” has become the slogan for these days.

Where possible, the response to the emergency is “smart working”, widely adopted by our company which for years had foreseen and implemented this working methodology, with reliable procedures aligned with the highest world standards.

Even in this unique situation, Italian companies know how to react qualitatively and in a short period of time, following the indications of the Ministry of Healt and the handbook where the behavior of rules to be followed as indicated.

The firms determination is to continue, as always, in meeting challenging objectives, all with the certainty of contributing with commitment to the common good of Italy as a whole. Promoting a common sense approach in facing an extraordinary historical event, but which will not interfer with pur quality nor quantity of our production.