San Giacomo Festival: cherishing our roots July 23-28, 2015

  • 4) iSolutions for community work

Although iSolutions is a company with an international orientation, the strong link with its origins has remained unaltered since 1999 - the year of its foundation in Medesano (Parma). Over time, iSolutions has supported in different ways the development of its area and continues to participate actively in it.
The most recent occasion was the contribution iSolutions has given to the San Giacomo Festival, which will take place in Medesano from 23 to 28 July 2015.
The Festival events will come to life in the street, a convivial meeting place for the local community: there will be art, food, music, and the traditions of a place to be experienced together again.
As a sponsor, iSolutions shares with this event the value of gathering around the same values and a common ethic. It is the iSolutions hallmark: an added value that makes of this company the best technological partner for many businesses worldwide.