iSolutions Silver Sponsor of SBEA 2018 APRIL 10, 2018

  • Enada Spring: meetings and strategies for the iSolutions business

First event of 2018 in Africa for iSolutions, on 10-11 April, during the fourth annual SBEA (Sport Betting East Africa) summit, held in Kampala, Uganda.

This year the company's return to SBEA is linked in particular to the 2018 Corporate Concept Brief event, of which iSolutions is a Silver Sponsor. At the same time, participation in the conference will be strategic for iSolutions thanks to the numerous meetings with local agencies, always very stimulating, and for updates on African-specific legislation and market trends.

The African market accounts for one of the most substantial portions of the company's business, not only in terms of current opportunities, but also of the interesting prospects for growth and development.

As the only summit in Africa devoted entirely to sport betting, the Kampala event attracts all the leaders in the continent's sport betting sector. The wealth of opportunities in the African market also brings to SBEA companies from all over the world, making this an event of strategic international importance for all operators.