After over two years of public health emergency due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, all Italian workplaces have been forced to revise their approach to workspace logistics. Building on this experience, iSolutions has "made a virtue of necessity", by introducing a collaboration contract that provides for the possibility of ongoing smart working. Each employee, in fact, will be able to adhere permanently to the so-called "agile" working modality, allowing them to work comfortably from remote.

The introduction of this operational model highlights both the commitment and the high levels of trust that iSolutions holds towards all its employees, who have demonstrated great responsibility and have ensured the continuity of the business with commitment and effectiveness during the various lockdown periods. We must also emphasize the competence and flexibility of the company, which has made a significant effort to adapt its organization to the evolution of the work environment context.

iSolutions has invested in this choice with determination, above all thinking of its employees, in terms of improving the quality of the working environment, well-being and purely financial benefits that the adoption of this agile working method will bring. The expected improvements, both in terms of productivity and achievement of objectives, will also be considerable.