Summer Camp: when sport means growing up APRIL 29, 2016

  • 4) iSolutions pride: a matter of team play

With the contribution and support of iSolutions, Associazione Futura 2015 of Medesano (Parma) is organizing for the summer of 2016 a two-week kids summer camp devoted entirely to sport. From June 27 to July 8, at the Maniforti Sports Centre there will be football, judo, mini basket, first aid, swimming, fishing, rugby, and tennis: team and individual activities and sports through which the abilities of the kids - physical and intellectual, psychological and emotional - can be developed and enhanced.

As a sponsor of the summer camp, together with Team Promotions and Tarotrans, iSolutions remains on the familiar ground of sports, but does so from a different perspective than usual: this time the focus is on children and kids, in order to give them the opportunity to develop together, play, and grow up with sport in the healthiest and most authentic way.