Uganda Wildlife Authority visits iSolutions OCTOBER 26, 2017

  • Uganda Wildlife Authority visits iSolutions
  • Uganda Wildlife Authority visits iSolutions

For a few years now the African continent has represented a significant slice of iSolutions business in the sphere of online gaming and betting. This is attested by the certification issued by South Africa's Gauten Gambling Board, and by the constant presence of Filippo Ceci (iSolutions CEO) at the sector's leading trade fairs and conferences in the continent.

Recently the Italian iSolutions headquarters welcomed a visit by Dr. Andrew Seguya, Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Authority. The mission of UWA, the agency overseeing 10 national parks in the African continent, is the protection and development of protected areas and local wildlife. The meeting with Filippo Ceci was marked by important development projects that the Uganda government agencies are promoting, and that could see iSolutions involved in supplying custom software.

The first positive step in this direction was taken during the meeting with Dr Seguya through discussions, mutual knowledge and a profitable exchange of visions for the future.

iSolutions, renowned in the world of sports betting for its extremely performing products iSBets, iStrategy and iSLotto, makes custom-made software for its clients in many other sectors as well, from utilities, to pharmaceuticals, and the food industry. The extensive experience gained on a worldwide scale and a very strong focus on building custom-made perfect solutions for every client make us a reliable and qualified partner. You can browse some of iSolutions case histories, in the area of custom software planning, at the link