iSolutions at WPC19, Milan December 05, 2019

  • iSolutions at WPC19, Milan

On Wednesday 4th December 2019 we participated at the biggest Italian technical conference at the Milanofiori Congress Center NH.

For the 26th WPC19 edition we have chosen to tell you how we can turn an historical Company from brownfield to a greenfield one.

Following the latest technological trends, a project with a greenfield structure, allows us to have the right flexibility to quickly implement new tools and procedures. As well as other successful companies have been growing for twenty years (brownfield company), iSolutions knows the importance of empowering the evolution process, even when the change process affects long established and proven habits.

The main vision of iSolutions has always been customers satisfaction, through a high-quality support service supporting our highly scalable software solutions. Nowadays iSolutions wants to become something more: being the global reference in the most advanced IT solutions applied to business.

"In this speech we have discussed what‘s the state of the art today, in terms of code, architectures and methodologies and how to successfully implement good and efficient strategies in a brownfield environment" stated Marco Rossi, our CTO.