• 4) iSolutions for community work

Every year iSolutions gives financial support to NGOs and agencies that take care of children in need due to poverty, disease or abandonment. One of these, Aid India, has been working since 1992 with disadvantaged people in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu, implementing socio-economic development programmes and educational projects, providing micro credit and training in the fields of medicine, human rights and use of natural resources, in order to promote the autonomy of local communities.

Through Aid India, iSolutions has adopted Yothiga, a little girl who lives in the Ave Maria Home for Children orphanage, together with about a hundred other children between the ages of 4 and 18. Thanks also to the ongoing help of iSolutions, Yothiga can attend school and receive the help and support that she will need to become an independent woman who is aware of her rights.

The decision to support Aid India is not a random one for iSolutions: the attention that the company gives to ethical issues, its relationship with clients and to teamwork follows the NGO motto “Treat others as you would like to be treated”.