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iSLotto is a revolutionary platform transforming the lottery betting experience. Designed to cater to both online and offline channels, IsLotto brings a new level of convenience and innovation to lottery operations. Its user-friendly interface and advanced technology are crafted to meet the needs of both operators and players, offering a seamless and engaging experience.



iSLotto is equipped with dynamic player engagement tools, designed to enhance the user experience and increase player retention. These tools include personalized game recommendations, interactive user interfaces, and loyalty programs. By engaging players more effectively, IsLotto aims to boost player satisfaction and long-term engagement with the platform.


The platform is equipped with advanced data analytics capabilities, providing operators with real-time insights into player behaviors and market trends. This feature enables more informed decision-making and helps in tailoring lottery offerings to better meet customer demands and maximize revenue.


Fully compatible
with iSBets
and third party PAMS

iSLotto was developed to be fully compatible with iSBets. This feature give an edge to bookmakers, who can better develop their business working with a software which is always up to date on the next extractions in the countries covered by the system.

Everything with a solution that works with the same solid architecture and the same flexibility of iSBets. Once again, our knowledge of the markets and of the needs of the operators has made the difference.

FAQ Questions

What makes iSLotto different from other lottery platforms?

IsLotto stands out due to its multi-channel accessibility and real-time data analytics. It offers both online and retail channels, catering to a wide range of customer preferences. The real-time data analytics feature provides valuable insights into player behaviors and market trends, enabling operators to make informed decisions and tailor their offerings for maximum engagement and revenue.


Can iSLotto be integrated with existing gaming systems?

Yes, IsLotto is designed with flexibility in mind and can be seamlessly integrated with existing gaming systems. Its adaptable architecture allows for easy incorporation into various operational environments, ensuring smooth integration and minimal disruption to current operations.


How does iSLotto ensure the security and fairness of its lottery operations?

iSLotto prioritizes security and fairness in all its operations. The platform employs advanced security measures to prevent fraud and ensure data protection. Additionally, it operates under strict compliance with regulatory standards to guarantee fair play, providing a trustworthy and reliable environment for both operators and players.


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