Centralized monitoring system


Bettor, Operator and Regulator are the stakeholders of every single bet. iSTrust involves in the process all the stakeholders, linking everyone to each other for creating the most efficient control solution.


and authorization
of igaming

iSTrust's centralized monitoring system is designed to communicate with various gaming platforms owned by licensed bookmakers through the internet. It features a comprehensive database and multiple front-end and back-end web applications. The system is responsible for authorizing all gaming transactions, enforcing limitations on stakes, winnings, shops, and player accounts​​.

Advanced data
analysis for
market insights

iSTrust offers real-time reports and features for data warehouse reports and market analysis. These tools allow for the analysis and drilling of gaming data, which helps governments acquire market awareness. This capability is vital for controlling the industry, preventing fraud, tackling money laundering, and promoting sustainability and educational campaigns​​.


and regulatory

The platform has been adapted to meet the varying requirements of different authorities in various jurisdictions, ensuring compliance with law specifications. The system has been tested and refined to handle both strict regulatory environments, such as the Italian system where sport events are controlled and bets validated in real-time by authorities, and less stringent systems like Austria's, which mainly requires reporting from bookmakers. This flexibility and adaptability ensure that iSTrust is compliant with a wide range of international gaming laws and regulations​​ including all the countries from South America.

FAQ questions

What makes iSTrust unique in the field of gaming regulation and monitoring?

iSTrust is unique due to its comprehensive real-time monitoring capabilities, advanced data analysis tools, and strict adherence to regulatory compliance. These features work together to provide unparalleled oversight and control, ensuring gaming integrity and legal conformity in an ever-evolving industry.


How does iSTrust contribute to responsible gaming practices?

iSTrust plays a pivotal role in promoting responsible gaming by implementing stringent monitoring and control mechanisms. These include detecting and preventing fraudulent activities, ensuring fair play, and supporting anti-money laundering efforts. The system's design inherently discourages unethical gaming practices, thereby fostering a safer and more responsible gaming environment.


Can iSTrust be customized to fit different regulatory environments in various countries?

Absolutely. iSTrust is designed with flexibility to adapt to the unique regulatory requirements of different countries. Its modular architecture allows for customization to specific legal frameworks, making it a versatile solution for international gaming operators seeking to maintain compliance across diverse jurisdictions.


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