27 Nov, 2023

In the online sports betting sector, success depends not only on the quality of the product but also, and above all, on the smoothness and efficiency of the organizational process behind it. For this reason, within our context, it is essential to establish a close collaboration between the Key Account (KA), the Product Owner (PO), and the customer to ensure a synergistic workflow and meet customer needs quickly and efficiently.

The central role of the key account: the first connection with the customer

The Key Account plays a crucial role as the first point of direct contact with the customer. It gathers information, requests, and all specific needs that the customer presents. This initial phase is fundamental to fully understand customer expectations and establish a solid foundation for future collaboration.

Collaboration between Product Owner and Key Account: tailor-made solutions

Once the customer's needs are identified, the Product Owner and the Key Account work synergistically with the development team to propose the best possible solution. The key to success is the continuous collaboration between these figures, working together to find the optimal solution to customer needs. It is important to emphasize that during this process, the focus is on the end goal rather than the individual step of the process.

Once the solution is identified, it is evaluated to determine if it can become a marketable feature to a broader customer base (Product Feature). In this case, the PO, in collaboration with the development team, includes it in the product roadmap. Otherwise, if the solution is specific only to the customer in question, it becomes customization, and the KA interacts directly with the project team to implement it.

Continuous customer involvement: Scrum as the foundation

A fundamental aspect of this process is the constant involvement of the customer. After sharing the agreed-upon solution, the customer remains an integral part of the analysis and development process. This approach allows the customer to be constantly informed about the project's progress and facilitates immediate changes with minimal effort. This is possible thanks to the adoption of the Scrum framework, which ensures flexible and iterative management of the process itself.


In conclusion, we consider the synergy between the Key Account, the Product Owner, and the customer fundamental to providing personalized and innovative solutions. Continuous collaboration and the adoption of agile methodologies like Scrum allow us to adapt quickly to the changing needs of an industry in continuous and constant evolution.

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